Things to know about colon cleansing

People now a day are becoming health conscious which is both good and bad for them. The good thing about it is that they understand the different benefits of having a healthy body and they tend to become conscious with what they are eating or doing. The bad side is that some people tend to do certain things even if it is not medically approved as long as they think that it will benefit their health. This is when the introduction of colon cleansing happened.

Colon Cleanse

Colon Cleanse

Believe it or not, this practice has long been introduced to us since ancient times. People from that era believe that regardless if the food has already been cooked; there are still toxins and parasites that are left along with it that cooking was not able to kill. They also believe that those toxins are being converted into waste materials and are often being stored in our large intestines, also known as colon, along with the other parasites.

They said that those toxins that remained in our colon can become a substance that will later on poison us and will lead to our death and the parasites can cause us different types of illnesses. They also believe that the only way to stop this from happening is by regularly undergoing colon cleanse. A lot of colon cleansers have been introduced and were marketed since then and with the different types of disease that we have been hearing about, they have been selling like hot cakes everywhere.

Colon cleansers varies from them being taken orally or by undergoing a certain procedure and the most commonly known is the irrigation of the colon which according to advocates have a lot of benefits to a person’s health although they cannot even give any medical proof on it. On the other side, there are different researches and medical reports made that have been published about the different risks that it can cause a person who undergoes this colon cleansing practice.

There are a lot of things that a patient should take into consideration before undergoing colon cleanse. It will be helpful to know some of the facts pertinent so that you know what you’re actually getting in to.

Here are some of the documented facts and the risks and side effects of undergoing the process:

  1. Our body has its own way of cleansing its insides; this is evident from the sweats, pees and poops without any need for any kind of intervention, hence any type of cleansing is deemed unnecessary.
  2. If the equipment that the therapist will use in order to perform an irrigation of the colon was not cleaned properly and was not sterilized, there is a very big risk of you getting infections and complications.
  3. Always note that this practice is something that is being recommended by doctors if they want you to prepare for a medical procedure, other than that it should never be used as a detoxifying method.
  4. There might be a big of being dehydrated which may later on cause more dilemmas.
  5. There are chances of it to interfere with any type of medication that you are about to take.

There are risk of the patient being dependent to it, at the same time increasing more risks of getting complications or infections.

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