The risks of colon cleanse

While there have been a lot of claims from advocates of colon cleansing, up to now there has been no scientific or medical data to back them up. Most of the time they are just barely testimonials from people who are said to gain benefits from practicing the said method and the problem with that is, anyone can say something about anything that’s why we need concrete explanation and medical findings before we can say that what they are claiming is indeed true.

Risks of Colon Cleansing

Risks of Colon Cleansing

With the different myths and beliefs that people have about the importance of undergoing colon cleanse, there are likely to have a lot of people to believe most especially that some of those are found to be somewhat logical in some sense. But since it is going to be our health that’s on the line, it is hard to just believe on something without any document to back it up. Nobody would want to compromise their health and regret doing something in the end.

Colon cleansing is said to have a lot of benefits but with them comes a lot of risks as well and what’s sad about it is that those said risks have medical documents to back it up unlike the so-called benefits that the practice can give you. Some of the said risks are related to the patient’s health. There were cases of as vague as feeling nauseous to as grave as death.

There are several colon cleansers out there that are usually being advised to be performed or taken by patients who would either want to just lose some of the unwanted weight and those who wants to have a certain illness cured. These are normally being done by therapists.

While that is the case, there are also certified medical practitioners who also advise their patients to undergo colon cleanse but is only for rare cases of preparation for a certain medical test like endoscopy and the usual type of cleansing is to be done by fasting and by drinking castor oil in order to take out the contents of the patient’s colon. Other than that, it was never advised as a means of detoxifying a patient or for losing unwanted weight.

The most common risk of undergoing the type of colon cleanser that involves a machine to irrigate water into the colon is the infection and complication that it may cause. There have been reports where patients experienced having infections due to misuse of the equipment. There was even a report of an outbreak of amoebiasis since the device used to one patient was used to another and was not even sterilized.

Another risk that was recorded with the use of the said practice is for it being the cause of dehydration to some people and there were even instances of patients suffering from imbalance of the electrolytes in their bodies. One of the things that can happen to a person undergoing that cleansing method is diarrhea which can have the two mentioned effects on people.

In worst cases, due to some accident that can happen while the tube used as a device is still inside the colon, there were reports of it being poked and caused a lot of trouble and even death to some.

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