Is colon cleansing effective to prevent colon cancer?

Colon cancer is considered as the 2nd deadliest type of cancer in the world today. With the kind of scare that it gave us, people have been trying to find different ways on how to prevent from having it and with this the marketing and sales team of different companies have taken advantage on it by promoting the importance of undergoing colon cleanse.

Colon cleansing has been one of the most talked about, needless to say, the most debated topic in the world of medicine. Advocates and those who do not believe in its worth have been continuously arguing about its claims of promoting health and it being the number one method to be used in order to prevent colon cancer. There have been a lot of different colon cleansers that sprouted from all parts of the globe and believe or not, they have been selling like hot cakes since its introduction in the market.

Prevent Colon Cancer

Prevent Colon Cancer

With the different kinds of new illnesses and diseases that are being reported on the news or being read in the newspapers, people have started to get scared, most especially if the kind of illness has an unexplainable symptom. The tendency of this type of phenomena is for people to believe in whatever explanation there is out there. If cases like this happen, one of the things that they blame is the toxins and parasites in our body which is the main explanation as to why even people from ancient times believed in the power of colon cleanse.

Some people believe that when we eat, there are several toxins and wastes that can actually build up in our body that may stay in our colon and once this happens there is a tendency for our colon to malfunction and may even lead to us being poisoned by them. When something unexplainable happens to a person, there is a tendency of it to be blamed to the said myth. What people don’t really know is that our body can clean up wastes naturally without any aid at all.

Colon cleansing are usually being advertised as an effective way of curing diseases and at the same time aid in losing the excess pounds that we badly want to go away. With those given reasons alone, people tend to believe in the power of the said practice even if they know for a fact that there is no specific medical data or evidence to back up those types of claims.

While there is no supporting data to backup the so-called benefits of undergoing colon cleanse, there are many of them that actually proves the risks of doing the practice. Sad to say, some people opted to listen to the myths and what other people say and still choose to do it.

One of the most common colon cleansers being used is the colon irrigation wherein a device is being used to pump water in the colon. There have been reports of different types of infections, complications and illnesses accompanying the said procedure. Some of the side effects are the feeling of being nauseous, suffering from dehydration and diarrhea, being dependent to it and some cases of the colon being punctured by accident.

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