Different myths about colon cleanse

One of life’s amazing miracles is our body’s ability to detoxify and cleanse itself naturally. There are several known ways on how this miracle happens, usually by secretion of sweats in our body, secretion of liquid that we intake through pee and flushing out of the waste elements in our body from the food that we eat through poop or bowel movement. With that reason alone, I cannot help but wonder why colon cleansing has become known to us.

Colon Cleanse

Colon Cleanse

As far as I can remember from the Biology class that I took, the food that we swallow, after several other processes, would eventually go to our small intestines where they are being digested and where the process of the absorption of the different nutrients from the food that we eat happens. After which, it will go to our large intestine, also known as colon, whose main responsibility is to take out the wastes. It also then will absorb the minerals and the water contents of the food that we just ate. The process just proves that our body can indeed cleanse by itself without aid from any colon cleansers out there.

There have been myths that I heard and read from the internet which explain why people believe that there is a need for colon cleanse even if Biology do not agree with it. According to some beliefs which dated back from ancient times, the food that we eat usually contains toxins and even parasites that when they reach our colon, there is a tendency for them to be stuck there; hence, there are different types of illnesses or diseases that were caused by that phenomenon.

One of the other myths that I have heard of also is that colon cleansing aids with losing those extra pounds that we have in our body. According to those promoters of certain colon cleansers, some of the wastes that came from the food that we swallow are being left behind in our colon; ergo, adding more weight in our body. Another thing is that when a person grows older, some parts of our body, including colon, are unable to do what it’s supposed to, with that note, they need help from us and colon cleansing is one of them.

Colon cleanse is usually being asked by doctors and other medical practitioners to be done by a patient if they are to be asked to prepare for a surgery or another type of medical procedure. Endoscopy is the usual type of medical procedure that requires a person to cleanse his colon. For those who don’t know, endoscopy is a type of test done to check for polyp, lumps or any signs that might lead to cancer. This is often recommended to people who has history in the family of having colon cancer or is having experience with an extreme case of constipation.

While it is often said that cleansing of the colon should be done regularly in order to achieve a healthy life, there is no medical reports, research or data to support the claim, rather, there has been a lot of complaints about it.

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