Colon Cleanser: Colon Irrigation

Colon cleansing is a practice that has started way back ancient times where people believes that the food that we eat may contain toxins or parasites that usually stay in the walls of our colon which later on can actually mix with our blood and may lead to different types of diseases including poisoning and even death. Until now, even though our world is being run by different types of technology, there are still people who share the same belief and with that reason there are different varieties of colon cleansers out in the market today.

Colon Cleansing

Colon Cleansing

The practice of colon cleanse is usually being promoted by spas or clinics who are promising weight loss and even cure to some diseases to their patients using the different methods used to cleanse our colon. The different colon cleansers being offered can range from natural foods, dietary supplements, and even irrigation. While it is true that this practice is existing in the book of medicine, it is known only to be used in preparation of a patient who is about to undergo certain procedures like endoscopy or colonoscopy. It was never intended to be used in order to detoxify one’s self or for it to be used as an aid in losing those extra pounds in a person’s body.

The idea that the spas and private clinics have when it comes to losing weight by using colon cleanse as the method is that when we eat there are some particles or what we usually know as waste materials that gets stuck in the walls of our colon and they are those that add weight to a person, another idea is that when we do the process not only are we cleansing our colon but we are also helping it to function, hence, our body can easily digest the food that we eat.

Irrigation of water in our colon with the use of a device is a practice that is being used by most spas and clinics in order to cleanse our colon. It has been an ongoing debate between doctors and other medical practitioners who do not agree to the use of the said method and those who are advocates of the said practice. They have been arguing between the effectiveness and the risk that comes along with it.

According to the advocates, those who undergo irrigation of the colon feels a lot better and there were even reports that certain diseases were cured by this process. There have also been reports where it is said to aid in a person’s weight dilemmas. The person who underwent this swore to having more energy and better outlook in life.

Those who do not agree to the use of this practice, most especially doctors and medical practitioners have pointed out the different risks that a person can get with the use of this method. They even went to the extent of presenting medical records of patients who have bad experience with this. There were reports where a patient had complications and infections which can be due to the device used not being sterilized, there were even reports of the colon itself of being poked which caused more harm than good to the patient.

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