Colon Cleanse: The Natural Way

Colon cleansing is one of the things that some people practice even though they know that there is no medical data or evidence to support its claim of having benefits to one’s health. There are a lot of advocates to the practice though who swore of the miracles that it has done to their health yet there are still medical practitioners who don’t really recommend using it for detoxification purposes.

The Natural Way

The Natural Way

According to doctors, our body has its own way of cleaning itself internally; some of its process is by sweating, peeing and pooping. While that certain fact is true, there are still people who believes that due to the different type of foods that we eat, most especially the unhealthy ones, the waste materials or toxins that it may contain are usually being left behind in the walls of our colon and we need to help it to be cleaned up or else it will poison us. That particular belief dated way back ancient time, hence, colon cleanse was born.

There are different colon cleansers that we can choose from and the most commonly used is the irrigation process. This process is risky though since a device will be inserted to the patient internally passing through his rectum. For those who are against the practice, they say that it is harmful to the patient’s health because there is a high risk of getting infections and complications most especially if the device to be used was not sterilized and there were also reported cases of the colon that was accidentally poked.

Although there were reports of the said incidents, those who thinks that they are gaining benefits from colon cleansing still continues to practice it without a care for the risks that it has. According to those advocates colon cleanse is very effective in keeping their selves healthy and they are losing weight because of it. The said practice is commonly being done in spa or medical clinics advertising it to be effective in curing certain diseases and aids in losing those additional pounds that the patient may have.

For those people who are not ready to use that particular method, there are also other available colon cleansers that they may choose from. There are different types of food that are said to have the capability of cleansing our colon by just simply eating them. This particular practice is usually being done by those who want to clean their colon the natural way.

There are certain types of food that a person can eat which can be beneficial for them in order to cleanse their colon, some of them are the following:

  1. Fresh fruit juices like orange, pineapple, apple, grapes
  2. Green and leafy vegetables like cabbage
  3. Foods that has high fibre content like bread that is made from whole grain wheat
  4. Herbs that they can mix with their daily food like Psyllium
  5. Foods that were fermented like yogurt
  6. Beans like soy beans, lima and kidney beans
  7. Different types of nuts
  8. Drink lots of water

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