Colon Cleanse 101

  • Is it true that we need to undergo colon cleansing in order to make sure that the toxins and other waste materials will be flushed out in our body?

Our body has a capability of cleansing on its own without any help needed. The main examples for that is sweating, peeing and bowel movement.

  • Is there any proof available stating the benefits of practicing colon cleanse?

There is no medical basis or data that can support the claims of the so-called benefits of cleansing our colon. They are merely testimonies from people who have tried undergoing the said practice.

  • If there is no basis to the claims of colon cleansing’s benefit, why is it that doctors are asking their patients to undergo the said procedure?

While it is true that some doctors are asking their patient to colon cleanse, they are merely if their patients are about to undergo another medical procedure like endoscopy, this is in preparation for that.

  • What is colon irrigation?

This is a type of colon cleanser where a device is being used to pump water into a patient’s colon. This is mostly being done with the aid of a therapist. There is no medical proof as to its benefit; rather, there have been a lot of them stating the risks of undergoing the said procedure.

  • What are the different risks of practicing colon irrigation?

There were reported cases of infection and complications which are often caused by the device not being clean and unsterilized. There were also reports of colon being poked accidentally which caused the person to have more problems and some even cost them their lives.

  • What is the most common myth that you heard about this?

One of the most common myths about this practice that I have heard of is that the food that we eat contains toxins and parasites and no amount of cooking can actually remove them from those foods. These toxins and parasites are said to pile up and get stuck in our colon that is why we are sometimes experiencing constipation and other digestion-related issues.

  • What are the different types of colon cleanser?

They may vary according to how it is going to be used. Some are to be taken orally like natural ingredients and sometimes food supplements. There are also some wherein a device is to be used in order for the procedure to push through; one example of this is colon irrigation.

  • What are the things that we can do in order to cleanse our colon the natural way?

If you are the type of person who doesn’t want to take the risk of undergoing practices that might involve certain devices or ingredients, you may just opt to do any of the following tips: drink lots of water, eat foods that have high fibre contents, eat green and leafy vegetables, eat fruits that can aid in the softening of our stool, drink at least one cup of tea everyday in order to have a regular bowel movement, avoid slouching when eating in order for the food that we eat to travel in our digestive system smoothly.

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