Best Colon Cleansing Product Reviews

Colon cleansing has gone into the top charts of health and wellness industry. Being one of the sought-after regimens that promise both detoxification and weight loss, it is no wonder why companies find a way to manufacture their own brand of colon cleansers. Colon cleansing traces back in Ancient times as the Egyptians started the idea those toxins that accumulate in the colon provides chances to move harmful microorganisms into the system. With these, certain diseases are acquired.

Although these practice are not proven to be true, users of colon cleansers claim the amazing benefits of colon cleansing to their health and over-all well being.  Colon cleanser ranges from products that are convenient to take to time-consuming efforts to practice a regimen that restricts one food to another. With the different kinds of methods, it is hard to distinguish what is safe and not.

Before we jump into the product review, it is important to know the safety measures each one should remember in order to have a safe detoxification and weight lose. Here are some quick pointers that you can do.

  • Hydrate well. Detoxification is the process of eliminating unwanted substances in the body. Water does exactly that. Make sure to hydrate well by drinking 6-8 glasses of water daily. This does not only wash out toxins, it also provides a healthy cell environment for proper function and repair.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol. This is pretty much self-explanatory. But to reiterate, smoking does not do good in the body. Smokers can perceive it be a mood enhancer or metabolism regulator. It does contribute the said benefits but for all the wrong reasons. Our body naturally adapts to environment and addiction to nicotine may misguide smokers to health benefits. It’s in fact a long-term complication.

    Alcohol is another story. It is healthy to opt for red wine because of its antioxidant content but it has to be consumed in moderation. Alcohols produce substances that damages nerves and contribute to fat. Not good regimens for colon cleanse.

  • Get moving. Make sure to help your body and the colon cleanser to work at their best peak by doing regular exercise. Sweating is the way for the body to detoxify itself. Added to that, it enhances circulation making the job of the body organs and the colon cleanser more efficient.

These are the 3 things you should remember to have a safe and healthy detoxification. The weight loss benefit will surely come along after. Now that you know the actions you need to take, the next thing you should do is create a product review.

There are so many colon cleansers out in the market and it is very difficult to choose the right brands that suit your lifestyle and health. Good thing we have in-house volunteers to test and review a product for you. If you are one of the people who search for the right kind of colon cleanser, this is a good read.

Here are our best 3 brands of colon cleansers:

#1 – DigestIt  

Digest ItDigestIt is a product made from all-natural herbs and substances promoting a thorough cleanse in the body. Another thing, it contains a Probiotics. Probiotics are kind of bacteria that encourage a healthy digestive flora to promote healthy digestion and absorption.

The natural ingredients it contains do not cause any harm to the body. In fact, it is said to have no side effect. Here is the ingredient list: Cascarada Sagrada, Pepperit, Flax Seed, Garlic Extract and Senna. All these ingredients have potent action to eliminate toxins as it also regulates bowel movement.

The mechanism of action induces proper absorption of vitamins and minerals. This colon cleansers unblock the clogged cells providing more nutrients to come into the system.

Tester’s Observation: The testers also see a quick and reliable result after few weeks of taking it. One thing that they notice is regulation of bowel movement and increase in energy production.

#2 – Intensive Colon Cleanse   

Intensive Colon CleanseThis product is one of our top choices because it does clean your colon and also revitalizes every cell in it. It is like heating 2 benefits in one product.

It has the combination of natural ingredients and probiotics proven to improve digestion and bowel movement. A good remedy for constipation.

It has a 10-day challenge wherein users can motivate and challenge themselves to lose weight as the body detoxifies

Tester’s Observations:  This is a fairly simple product for colon cleansing. The 10-day challenges did provide substantial weight loss but only to those who are aware of foods to eat. It is good that this product can also give information of healthy diet and exercise.

#3 – Bowtrol Colon Cleanse 

bowtrolBowltrol Colon Cleanse is another product that we consider to be at par with quality ingredients. One thing that we like about this product is that it is very simple and it does promise a remedy to many digestive problems.

Each ingredient is added for a specific work. Although common in use, the ingredients are from a quality source which is an assurance that you are getting the ingredients at its purest form. The ingredients of this product include: aloes, black seeds, clove, fax seeds, wormseed, senna, garlic extract, peppermint, clove and olive oil extract.

This product is said to be most helpful in providing relief from inflammatory bowel disease or irritable bowel syndrome.

Tester’s Observations: The Bowltrol Colon Cleanse is really true to its word of promising a good cleansing power. There are also no side effect observed while using this product which makes it more appealing to people suffering from diseases.

These are the top 3 product we recommend you to try. Before anything else, always remember that colon cleansers will not be as effective as it is without the help of a healthy food choices and physical activity. Also consider the approval of your doctor for safety purposes.